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I've been writing plays for many years, mostly because people have asked me to.

Sophia Linden and Chris Porter in The Box


Matthew Townshend and Nicola Goodchild
in The End of the Line

I was given a kick-start by the charity Scene and Heard ( which mentors children from the age of ten in the art of play-making. I have written several short plays which have been performed by child actors working opposite professional adult actors.

In 2009, I started a fruitful and continuing association with the Frinton Summer Theatre. I had appeared in several summer seasons as an actor, when I wrote a supernatural thriller, The Mystery of Marsh House, which I thought would work there. I sent it on spec to Edward Max, Frinton's artistic director, who said yes. It did very
well, and the feedback was glowing. I did have the benefit of expectations being very low before it opened!

We followed it in 2010, with another thriller, The Box. This time, expectations were very high, and we lived up to them. I have since rewritten parts of it, following some valuable feedback from various people who know what they're talking about (and some from people who don't).

In 2011, after two plays which were described as dark but funny, I went for a radical departure, and wrote The End of the Line, which is funny but dark. It was completely sold out for the whole of the run, which, I'm told, has only been achieved there by Alan Ayckbourn and me .

Neil D'Arcy Jones, arts editor of the Essex Gazette wrote: 'While Marsh House was a terrific spooky treat, and..The Box a nail-biting thriller, each one had a good dollop of humour. Now he has written a comedy, and the result is a hilarious examination of the modern relationship, warts and all.'

In 2009, my play Circumstantial Evidence had a very successful rehearsed reading at the Arts Theatre in London, directed by Michael Gieleta, and starring Tony Gardner, Alan Cox and Nicola Goodchild.
Patrick Marlowe - actor, writer roleplayer

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